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thumb|350px|right|Rondo Veneziano Fantasia Veneziana from the "Fantastico Show" 1986 thumb|350px|right|Bella melodía instrumental completa de Rondo Venecianothumb|350px|left thumb|350px|right|Giardino Incantato thumb|350px|left|Rondo Veneziano Interludio

(מהויקיפדיה האנגלית)

Rondò Veneziano is an Italian chamber orchestra , specializing in Baroque music, playing original instruments, but incorporating a rock-style rhythm section of synthesizer , bass guitar and drum kit led by Maestro Gian Piero Reverberi . The unusual addition of modern instruments, more suitable for Jazz , combined with Reverberi's arrangements and original compositions, have resulted in lavish novel versions of classical works over the years. As a rule in their concert tours, the musicians, mostly women, add to the overall Baroque effect wearing Baroque -era attire s and coiffures.