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מבט מקרוב

מבט מעל

Maligne - הוא אתר טבע הכולל קניון, אגם ועמק, בתוך Jasper National Park החץ על מרכז האגם


[[In the greater Pacific Northwest, Maligne Canyon is seen as different and odd geologically but is common within the northern Rocky Mountains. These canyons show the characteristic of Karst topography and is common in this region due to its easily soluble nature. Flowing out of Medicine Lake, the Maligne River flows about 15 kilometers upstream as a full size river, but very quickly disappears into seeps in the ground and completely vanishes from the surface not far from the lake for most of the year. The smaller streams that feed the valley below that point rebuild the river by the time it reaches the top of the canyon. The river drops down the canyon and intersects the bedrock layers where the underground river flow. Also at this point numerous large underground streams join and greatly amplify the flow. The canyon has been deteriorating since the churning and swirling of the water making. The effect of this has made the width across at some points and a depth of Limestone is one of the most dominant minerals within the canyon. It has become deposited in a shallow tropical sea by plankton which secrete limestone.

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