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'''ראו גם''':[[ניב יהודי רומא]]
'''ראו גם''':[[ניב יהודי רומא]]
[[קטגוריה:שפות יהודי איטליה]]

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Italkian was spoken mainly in urban areas in Rome and in central and northern Italy (especially in Livorno) from the 10th to the 17th centuries in Italy. Described as a mix between Italian and Hebrew, it is estimated that only a tiny number of people speak Italkian fluently today and less than 4,000 people still use it in their everyday speech.

Italkian is not the only dialect that employs Hebrew. Others include Yiddish, which is a mix between German and Hebrew, and Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), a mix between Spanish and Hebrew. Linguists also make a distinction between such Jewish Italo-Romance dialects as giudeo-ferrarese, giudeo-mantovano, giudeo-modenese, giudeo-reggiano, and giudeo-veneto

ראו גם:ניב יהודי רומא